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Many people mistakenly believe that concrete floors are only suitable for cellars, warehouses and factories. Those who know better, however, understand exactly how versatile concrete can be for both exterior and interior floors, with decorative and designer concrete options available.

Concrete’s Aesthetic Appeal

When considering decorative flooring, most people opt for natural stone or ceramic tile because they believe that concrete looks too industrial or has a cold and hard appearance. However, when surveyed, the top reason why those with designer concrete floors love them is their aesthetic appeal. A number of other reasons were also cited, including the following:

Aesthetics– 74 percent
Durability– 72 percent
Ease of maintenance– 58 percent
Ability to be customised– 57 percent

The Renaissance of Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is exploding into the world of designer flooring, with new options and techniques for customisation being developed on a continuing basis. Through these methods, designer concrete floors can be made to mimic any other material, including granite, slate, ceramic and wood.

When selecting a concrete solution for your flooring needs, you’ll have a full range of colours, textures and designs from which to choose. In addition, we can create a design according to your specifications or customise a design to suit your needs and style preferences.

Designer Concrete Colouring

The colours for designer concrete floors can be achieved through several techniques:

Structural colour– Integral pigments may be added directly into the concrete as it’s mixed to achieve dramatic effects.
Acid staining– After the concrete floor has been installed, acid can be applied that has the effect of altering the colour of the concrete. The patterns achieved through this method are enjoyed because they are random and unique.
Tinted sealers – Sealers that are applied to establish a barrier from moisture and stains may be tinted with pigments to create subtle hues.

Designer Concrete Finish

Once the colours and patterns are established, decorative concrete can be further customised with one of several finishes, including the following:

Polished finishPolished concrete is extremely popular. It gives the floor a glistening appearance reminiscent of polished marble.
Textured finish– Sand, aggregates or other course materials can be added in a number of designs and styles if traction is desired.
Etched finish – Some people prefer an etched finish that mimics tile floors.

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