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Spray on concrete is a versatile method of achieving a fantastic patterned look on concrete surfaces. Easy to apply, it provides an affordable alternative to completely relaying concrete. Whether your concrete is looking old, cracked and outdated, or you simply wish to redecorate an area with a modern design, spray on solutions can achieve it all without the need to start from scratch.

Concreate are specialists in spray on concrete and paving within the Melbourne area and beyond. We’ve had extensive experience with concrete flooring in a range of different applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

This transformative flooring material is fantastic for the following applications:

  • Shops
  • Houses
  • Patio areas
  • Driveways
  • Courtyards
  • Shopping centres
  • Walkways

The Benefits of Spray on Concrete and Paving

Concrete spray on flooring solutions have experienced a recent growth in popularity due to the numerous benefits they provide. These benefits include:

  • It’s affordable – Spray on concrete is a cheaper alternative than other options, such as completely removing and replacing the current concrete.
  • Increased strength and durability – Spray on concrete increases the strength of concrete flooring to many times that of regular cement.
  • It looks great – With numerous designs possible, fantastic results can be obtained that will complement surrounding areas and existing décor.
  • It’s versatile – Transform boring, dull concrete into something beautiful with a range of colours, patterns and designs to choose from.
  • It can add value to your home or property – Improves aesthetics and makes your property appear more valuable.
  • It’s great for workplaces – Impresses clients and creates a fantastic working environment for employees.

Versatile in Design and Style

Spray on concrete can dramatically improve the appearance of any concrete area, even if the concrete is tired and worn-out. It creates an attractive new surface that’s tailored to your existing decor and perfectly suited to your requirements. A variety of options is possible – from painted on tiles and intricate brick designs, to plain colours in bright or neutral hues. Why shouldn’t your floor reflect your sense of style and personality? With spray on paving, you can achieve this and more.

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